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Life Strategy Coaching

Presence with Purpose informs to transform! Helping individual transition from a life of mediocrity to a life of their best possible productive potential is our goal. We accomplish this by using high impact, engaging, creative, and inspiring resources that are designed to help people become better at what they do by helping them to become the BEST at who they are.

Executive Leadership Development

Rather leadership workshops or one on one training, Presence With Purpose educates, trains, and coaches leaders to use their natural leadership orientation to accelerated their growth potential and maximize their target development goals.

Public Speaking

Dynamic and inspiring motivational speaker, Ms. Strong uses public platforms to engage audiences on personal freedom, productivity, and vision planning. 

Personal Branding
Workshop Facilitating

Do you want to build teams that deliver exceptional outcomes? Learn how to increase productivity, boost team morale, and drive overall organization success by implementing bold strategies that build effective collaboration to reach company goals and objectives.

Stand out among your contemporaries. Personal branding gets you noticed and a seat at the table. Let Presence With Purpose come alongside you as you create a professional image and messaging that speaks to your unique and power-forward self.

Presence With Purpose facilitates high-impact training and development workshops that allows attendees to work together  effectively to achieve an agreed goal.

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