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The Power of Perspective


by Stephanie R. Strong on September 14, 2022

Every one of us has something that differs and is unique from anyone else. What if we were able to access this awareness that would expand the way we see the world, how we show up, and ways we can deepen our relationships to have more positive, diverse, and healthy interactions? 

We see our lives from a lens that can oftentimes be considered myopic. What makes our uniqueness unquestionably one of the greatest attributes we have?  It is our perspective. It is also the bedrock for one of the most compelling tools through which we affirm ourselves and foster relationships with the people we engage, i.e., perspective taking which is defined as “The ability to understand how a situation appears to another person and how that person is reacting cognitively and emotionally to the situation.”– Gehlbach, 2004

We all have something to offer to the world through a lens through which we interpret our lives. Everyone should have a chance to share their uniqueness. 

What makes sense to us through our perspective may invariably differ from how others experience, interpret and see life. Here’s the thing, we don’t know what we don’t know, which allows perspective taking to be a useful and powerful tool to not only expand our own perspective but by learning from the perspectives of others. 

By learning from the perspective of others, we become more open and receptive to another point of view which may include cultural expressions, diverse language, syntax, or perhaps another person’s lived experience. 


Acquiring a better understanding of another person’s perspective will require us to release any attachment to being right. Intuitively, the brain wants to protect us, and yes, even our opinions and perspective. Amy Lou Abernathy makes a really great assessment of this phenomenon. She purports, “It is important to acknowledge that our brains are hardwired to egocentric anchoring and adjustment. In other words, the very organ we use to make sense of our world places us at the center of our world. It makes us the hero and gives others supporting roles.”

Becoming a better person or leader who values the opinion and perspective of others must be a primary goal if we are going to lead with love, compassion, understanding, and empathy. The power of perspective allows us to lean in rather than insisting someone aligns with how we perceive and understand the world around us. 

What if today, you would allow the light of other people’s perspectives to open new doors of enlightenment, knowledge, and common ground?












Stephanie R. Strong is an executive coach with Presence With Purpose, LLC, one of the most sought-after leadership transformation, coaching, training, and development platforms across the nation. With each session, you can expect Stephanie to inspire, inquire, ignite, influence, and impact her clients with substantive value, sending them soaring with hope, possibility, and a strategic plan forward to achieve their goals. Committed to helping her clients achieve their unique brand of personal and professional development success, Presence with Purpose offers the finest in keynote speaking, professional coaching, training, and leadership development deliverables.

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